Make Connecticut Skate Again!

Whalers Here - NHL To Hartford CT is the site dedicated to bringing the NHL back to Hartford via broad OWNERSHIP.  This is a Green Bay Packers style public partnership that will eventually make bids to relocate an existing NHL team.   


Whaler Land ONLINE Store has Hats, Tees,  Sweatshirts, Pucks, Plush/Stuffed animals for kids! 



Whaler's Here Stage ONE: 2018

YOU are now at STAGE ONE -- awareness and (soon) a private - invitation only offering to small owners for a share in the enterprise.   

As with corporate voting, Whalers shareholders get a managerial vote for every share they hold.   Initial offering shares may only be sold to Connecticut residents, and no single owner may acquire more than 10% of the Company's shares.   





Whaler's Here Stage TWO: 2019

In 2019 NHLtoHartford seeks big investors.  Once we reach the funding to buy a team and operate it for two years, all the NHL is on the alert.  

Connecticut still has the highest wealth per capita, the highest income per capita and the third highest percentage of 4-year-college degree holders.  

Even in 1997, with little discounting, Hartford drew nearly 14,000 fans per game.  Five NHL teams currently still don't draw that many.

We predict that Ownership of the Islanders, Devils, Lightning, Panthers, Coyotes, and Blue Jackets will eagerly view our offer.